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Cuckold Stories of A White Girl Fucking A Black Guy at DogFart

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There comes a time where every white girl has a craving to fuck a black guy and we’ve got some of the bestĀ cuckold stories for you featuring hot white cuckold babes. For example, take this white slut AJ Applegate. Here’s her story, she locked her husbands tiny white cock up in a chastity belt the other day. They went to an adult store to go watch porn in the back and he thought for sure he was going to get laid and that something kinky was going to happen. Little did he know what her plan all along was to suck and fuck a huge black cock while he stood and watched. He didn’t understand what was happening until this black dick peaked through the gloryhole in the room. Once it did, he quickly figured out that his wife was fucking this black guy on dogfart and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. AJ Applegate is officially a black cock craving whore and we love her for it!

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